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West Hempstead Pharmacy
490 Hempstead Ave.
West Hempstead, New York 

Phone: (516) 292-6161
Fax: (516) 292-6169


Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: 9am - 2pm

Pharmacist on call 24
hours a day, 7 days a
week by calling:

(516) 459-5009

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Our top concern is to help protect you and your family from a variety of diseases.

Our specially trained pharmacists will gladly administer the following vaccinations:

  • flu vaccine
    meningitis vaccine (Menomune®, Menactra®)
    shingles vaccine (Shingrix®)
    pneumonia vaccine (Prevnar13®, Pneumovax23®)
    T-dap (Boostrix®, Adacel®)


We are also able to order any uncommon vaccines for you if requested.
Restrictions do apply. Feel free to ask our staff members to see if you’re eligible.

Schedule your appointment today.
If you’d like to schedule your appointment, call us at (516) 292-6161


For further information regarding vaccinations, please visit:


We are also partnered with Rockville Centre Pharmacy and Ryan Medical Pharmacy.