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Rockville Centre Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy dedicated to the formulation of customized medication to suit each individual patient’s needs.

In every field of medicine, there are some patients who don’t respond to traditional methods of treatment. Sometimes they need medicine at strengths that are not manufactured by drug companies, or perhaps they simply need a different method of ingesting a medication.

Rockville Centre Compounding Pharmacy meets these needs. It provides a way for physicians and compounding pharmacists to customize an individualized prescription for the specific need of their patient. From combining multiple medications into a single convenient dosage for hospice patients to delivering children’s cough medicine through a flavored medication, compounding provides solutions not easily met by commercial products.


Our compounding pharmacists work together with patients and their doctors to provide customized hormone replacement therapy that provides the needed hormones in the most appropriate strength and dosage form to meet each patient’s specific needs.

Hormone replacement therapy should be initiated carefully after a patient’s medical and family history has been reviewed. Every person is unique and will respond to therapy in his or her own way. Close monitoring and medication adjustments are essential.


Rockville Centre Compounding Pharmacy specializes in preparing customized pain management systems to meet patient needs.

Whether you suffer from arthritis, neuropathic pain, or cancer pain, we can compound a medication to assist you and your physician in developing a pain management program tailored to your specific needs with the least possible side effects.

Compounded pain medications are available by prescription in many different dosage forms.


Our pets can benefit from custom compounding. Compounding allows the pet to receive the medication in a strength or dosage form that meets each animal's specific needs. It is not unusual in the veterinary compounding field for doctors to prescribe medication that is commercially hard to find or discontinued. These medications can be made as topical applications, liquids, capsules, or suppositories. Veterinary medications are available in several different flavors such as bacon and various fruit flavors.


Rockville Centre Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy dedicated to the formulation of customized medication to suit individual needs.

Pharmaceutical compounding meets therapeutic needs that often go unmet by manufactured medicines. We handle all areas of compounding such as wound care, Podiatry, Pediatric and other compounding needs.

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We are also partnered with West Hempstead Pharmacy and Ryan Medical Pharmacy.


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